Music Makes the World Go Round

For many, pots and pans were our very first instrument.
Infants instinctively smile and clap to the sound of music.
Many have fond memories of a parent singing us a soothing lullaby, twinkle twinkle little star, or how about your ABCs.  
Imagine if you did not have a family to share lifes sweet music with.
For the hundreds of thousands of children in our foster care system this is their reality. 

Music is the background theme to the chapters in our lives.  
With your help LexxiLoves.Org wants to give the gift of music to the children we support in foster care.

Help us give the talented guitarist or gifted pianist the gift of music. 
Tomorrow's Grammy winning Producer may just be among the many children in foster care we are supporting.
Join LexxiLoves.Org and give the tools to our potential hit makers!

Lets make the world go round....together...Music Makes The World Go Round!