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"Never Stop Dreaming..
Even After You Wake Up"


Our mission through Lexxi Loves is to “Make a Child Smile” through spreading awareness and encouraging the world to give of themselves through volunteering, fundraising, and providing support through their donations to help the children in our foster care system. 

Lexxi Loves envisions through the eyes of a child, with the assistance of social and corporate outreach, fundraising, and available grants the ability to make a difference. Linking the world’s hands and hearts together, providing hope to the many children longing for a loving family and a home of their own in our foster care system.

"Sweet Dreams Pillow Project"

Lexxi Loves.Org created the "Sweet Dreams Pillow Project" for the children in care, providing a positive message to each child resting their heads at night. We deliver these pillowcases throughout the country letting each child who receives one know that they are loved!  Positive thoughts at the end of the day to each child who receives one of these special pillowcases before they rest their heads at night.

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 Danny hasn’t had a place to call home in 10 years.

Olivia needs security from a loving “mother”.

Natalie cannot wait to be hugged by someone for the first time.

Anthony is waiting for a big brother.

Tomas’ needs to hear these three words-I Love You.    

Everyone needs and deserves a loving family and a place to call home.

- Lexxi Saal